Group Exercise Classes

VCU Rec Sports offers a wide variety of classes to help you reach your fitness goals. Group Exercise Classes are available to Recreational Sports members and VCU students with a valid VCU Card, FREE OF CHARGE.  All classes include warm-up, muscle-specific stretches, isolation work and cool-down activities.

You can drop-in to any of our classes, they are available on a first come, first served basis. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins. Participants who register online will be able to reserve a spot in the class ahead of time. 

Spring Semester Schedule in effect through 5/2/17
Spring Finals Schedule in effect 5/3/17 - 5/12/17


Join us for March Madness, March 14 - April 13. Accumulate "points" by participating in our Group Ex classes! At the end of each week, the people with the most points will advance to the next week in a tournament-style challenge. The top 10 individuals at the end of the challenge will receive a Rec Sports tablet sleeve. 

Free Thow (1 point): 30-minute class
2-point basket: 45-minute class
3-point basket: 60-minute class
4-point play: 75-minute class

How to participate: 

Register with your Group Ex Instructor by filling out form in classroom

  1. Place your name on the chart
  2. Track your classes on the chart
  3. Each week participants will receive a message on March 21 and March 28 on who will advance to the next week.

Dates to advance: March 21, March 28.
Last day of March Madness is April 13.
The winner will be announced April 14.


Click here to register for currently open Group Ex Classes.

Group Exercise Program Guidelines


  • Registration opens 24 hours before a class begins.
  • When you click on a class name in the list, you will be asked to sign in, and then you will be linked to the class description and location.
  • Check the location of the class you are registering for! 
  • Click the yellow "Register" button to reserve your space in the class. 
  • TO CANCEL A REGISTRATION for a group exercise class, please call our service desk at 804-827-1100 with the date/time/class name.



Downloadable/Printable Schedules

‌‌Cary Street Gym Spring 2017 Group Ex Schedule

MCV Campus Spring 2017 Group Ex Schedule